Episode 2 aka Barber.z5

Let’s take a look at the 2nd Episode. As pointed out here I was unable to decode the file with the correct md5sum. Nevertheless I was able to use it.

Barber.z5 is a story file for a z-machine. See wikipedia

Just download one of the many interpreters and load up the file. It’s a text adventure, set in a well known environment. For instructions on how to play, take a look here:

If you want a walkthrough, try using “strings” at the linux prompt. Otherwise, here’s one tip, without it you won’t even be able to get into the office: Take a look here

I haven’t solved the whole game myself yet, but when I do, I’ll inform you 🙂
Now, have a nice game-


4 Responses to Episode 2 aka Barber.z5

  1. m4cc13 says:

    I Feel Like a Geek now!

  2. Neil Roberts says:

    I had a go at this as well and I managed to get the files from chapter 1 and 2 out with the correct MD5SUM. I wrote a custom OCR program that takes advantage of the fact that the font is monospaced and the characters are arranged in a grid. I’ve put them up here: http://www.busydoingnothing.co.uk/itcrowd.jpg and http://www.busydoingnothing.co.uk/barber.z5 .

    I managed to get out of the lift in the game but haven’t got any further. Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Neil Roberts says:

    I managed to get the BASIC program working as well. It is a BBC basic program that loads an image from the EggDump file in the previous chapter and plays the IT Crowd theme song. The picture is of Roy holding a bottle:

    I’ve made a disk image suitable for BeebEm if anyone else wants to try it:


    You just have to load the disk into the emulator and type:


    I added an extra line to the program (210 ENDPROC) because it seemed like it was missing.

  4. Sven says:

    The page size of the BBC3 was 3584.
    With that, you should be able to enter the office.

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